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Written by Prof. Goutam Neogi.

Price : Rs. 200/-


A compilation of Biographical Essays written by Sivanath Sastri compiled and edited by Prof. Goutam Neogi.

Price : Rs. 300/-


A compilation of Bengali Mukul Magazine for children and young adult for the period 1302-1307 Bengali Era, edited by Sivanath Sastri. Compiled and edited by Asitabha Das.

Price : Rs. 400/-


Compilation of essays on Raja Rammohun Roy, compiled and edited by Prof. Gautam Neogy.

Price : Rs. 300/-


A compilation of articles on women ("Nari") from the 19th century Bengali journal "Abalabandhab", complied by Arnab Nag.

Price : Rs. 100/-

audio book

Audio Book of Maharshi Debendranath Thakurer Atmajibani has been published on 11th Magh, 1418 (2012).

Price : Rs. 75/-

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